This Page is not to confuse you but is to help you understand the difference of the Mega Bomb family

Ultrasonic Repelling    Ionic Repelling    Electromagnetic Repelling    
You will find the higher the level of Ultrasonic, Ionic and Electromagnetic Repelling the further it will repel.

The lower the level doesn't mean that pest will not be repelled, it just means that you might need more units depending on severity of pests and the situation its put in. (such as larger rooms and crowded rooms full of objects it encounters)


The higher the level of Mega Bomb Electronic Pest Repeller you will find it will take less units to get success for becoming pest free. 


Follow the Free Recommendation on the Mega Bomb you would like to buy and success is just around the corner.



Sweep Scanning Technology
is a our small speaker of all the Mega Bomb pest repellers.
is are large speaker of all the Mega Bomb pest repellers.
is Two large speakers on a Mega Bomb pest repeller.

as you move up in size/number you will get better Sweep Scanning results.



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