What is Level 1,2,3 and 4?

Level 1,2,3 and 4 is a rating of power level on each pest repelling technique.
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Helpful Question: What are the differences of all the Mega Bomb Pest Repellers?

From the minimum to maximum Mega Bomb Pest Repeller you will get more repelling options as you move up the Stages along with larger speakers and farther repelling. 



Ultrasonic Sound Waves             "level 3"
The Mega Bomb skL electronic pest repeller has a large inner speaker that works hard repelling pests. This favorite unit of many customers has a repelling capability of up to 4000 square feet.

Sweep Scanning Technology      "Level 2"
The Mega Bomb skL also uses sweep scanning technology to help repel pest around objects in the way of your pest repeller.
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Ultra Variable Frequencies         
The Mega Bomb skL uses this type of technology to keep Ultrasonic Sounds within the hearing range of your pest problem.

Electromagnetic inner wall Repelling    "Level 3"
Say Goodbye to pests trying to hide out in your walls and ceiling as the Mega Bomb skL uses this type of technology that actually creates an electromagnetic repelling wave and repels using the wiring in the walls and ceiling of your plugged in area.


The MEGA BOMB skL  electronic pest repeller with its new design for repelling house hold pest and business related pest problems has Improved its performance by stepping it up one more time from its MEGA BOMB peers. 

The MEGA BOMB skL is out to win and take control of most all pest and rodent related problems. With its new design of one big Impact Sonic/Electro Speaker it will seek out pests causing them to leave because of the radically changing hostile environment created by this powerful Pest Repeller.




Mega Bomb Pest Repelling Successes
Ant problem
Bat problem
Beetle problem
Bee problem
Bed Bug problem
Cockroach problem
Centipede problem
Earwig problem
Fly problem
Flea problem
Ladybug problem
Mosquito problem
Mice problem
Rat problem
Squirrel problem
Spider problem
Scorpion problem
Silverfish problem
Termite problem
Tick problem

Mega Bomb skL Options

  1. 2500 sq. ft. of Impact Ultrasonic Repelling
  2. Electromagnetic inner wall repelling 
  3. Ultra Variable Frequency
  4. Sweep Scanning Technology
  5. On/Off Ultrasonic Switch
  6. Soft Red Night Light
  7. Test Button
  8. Two Indicator Light
  9. Pennies a day to run


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