What is Level 1,2,3 and 4?

Level 1,2,3 and 4 is a rating of power level on each pest repelling technique.
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Helpful Question: What are the differences of all the Mega Bomb Pest Repellers?

From the minimum to maximum Mega Bomb Pest Repeller you will get more repelling options as you move up the Stages along with larger speakers and farther repelling. 






Twin Mega Bomb
When it comes to Repelling the first thing the TWIN MEGA BOMB does when plugged into the infested pest area, is utterly scan and transmit High Compressed Ultrasonic Sounds. These sounds continuously run up and down the hearing scale of most all pests such as Ants, Bees, Cockroaches, Mice, Bats etc.

Ultrasonic Sounds
The Ultrasonic Sounds that are being admitted to your pest problem from the Twin Mega Bomb Pest Repeller have been known to actually kill some pests. This has Not been scientifically proven  but we have had some customer testified to this.
The Twin Mega Bomb Ultrasonic Sounds will definitely affect pests eating habits, communication and there nervous system. With all of this added up together most pest problems will be forced to leave as they get disorientated and start to hate the environment they live in.
For most pest problems full positive results will not happen over night as pests and rodents can be stubborn. This is why we recommend letting your
Twin Mega Bomb work its extermination process over a 4 to 6 week period.

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How many do I need for my size area?

For proper application.......
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Example: Imagine a loud fire engine with its siren on right next to your ear and times that by 5 and you have got the Twin Mega Bomb the ultimate in pest repelling.

Electromagnetic Technology
Pests and Rodents that try to enter your home will be repelled by the Wave of Electromagnetic Technology that actually uses the wiring in your home/Area to repel pest deep within your walls and entries of bugs and rodents. This option is great as it gives you a wider range of coverage.

The Twin Mega Bomb has this special option and it is called  U.V.F. Ultra Variable Frequency. This amazing option goes to work the instant you plug-in your Twin Mega Bomb. This option runs up and down the scale of ultrasonic sounds so it can always be within the hearing range of the pest problem.

Sweep Scanning Technology
The Twin Mega Bomb has Sweep Scanning Technology that helps repel around obstruct objects. Which in this case if you seem to have a lot of stuff in the area this Technology works better in repelling your pest problem. 



Mega Bomb Pest Repelling Successes
Ant problem
Bat problem
Beetle problem
Bee problem
Bed Bug problem
Cockroach problem
Centipede problem
Earwig problem
Fly problem
Flea problem
Ladybug problem
Mosquito problem
Mice problem
Rat problem
Squirrel problem
Spider problem
Scorpion problem
Silverfish problem
Termite problem
Tick problem

Twin Mega Bomb

  1. Sweep Scanning Technology
  2. Two Powerful Sound Admitters
  3. Ultrasonic Sound Technology
  4. Electromagnetic Technology
  5. Ultra Variable Frequency
  6. Small and Attractive Unit
  7. On/Off Switch for Electromagnetic Technology
  8. Cover in the range of 2500 Sq. Ft. (Open Area)
  9. Pest will feel the wrath of the Twin Mega Bomb when you plug it in.
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