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Electronic Bee Control

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Here are just a few successful testimonies that our customers have had with the ET Pest Repellers.

Bee Testimonials

Deborah,   Ohio When my sons and I discovered a bee boring its way out of our window sill, we immediately went to the Internet to find the best solution to repel them as one of my son is allergic to bees. That is how we found your web site. And what a terrific web site it is! We wrote to you via email. You answered in less than 24 hours!  This was an indication of the service I was looking and hoping for! The pest repellers work great. The results were what we desired!  Your service and maintenance have kept our home free of bees. Thanks Deborah
Mike from Idaho
I just wanted to let you know that I am glad that I choose your company to take care of the bee problem at my home. I had spoken to two other companies concerning the problem before contacting you to get advice. Your explanation of the problem and your suggestion for the solution made a lot of sense. Thank you for a job well done. Mike
Sarah,  Houston I just want to say thanks for the great customer service!! Your company was fast on answering my questions and sending me my product. Getting control of my bee problem is on its way! Sarah
John,  New York If you have a bee problem and don't know what to do, I suggest the ET Pest Repeller. I ordered 2 and installed them under the eaves of my house. The bees are actually leaving my area. It is awesome.
Thanks John


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