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Electronic Fly Control

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Here are just a few successful testimonies that our customers have had to say about the ET Pest Repellers.

Fly Pest Control Testimonials

       I had a problem with flies in my art gallery. In the morning my store gets kind of warm and I like to keep the front door open. The problem was by noon time the flies seem to fill up my store by doing there thing swarming round and round in the middle of my gallery. I hated it and I don't think any of my customer like it much either. I called D&R and purchased the et pest control. I plug 2 in my gallery setting the units on the high mode. It took some time but man there gone and good reddens.
Thanks from Mullen:) NY
      I own a small grocery store and the fruit and vegetable section is infested with fruit flies. I tried everything from putting coverings over the vegetables/fruit to spraying them down with water. I needed help! I didn't want to lose my customers. I ordered 3 ET Pest Controls and installed them near the veggie and fruit section. My fruit fly problem has been solved.
Thanks for helping me out. Ronald
I have a terrible house fly problem. Those sticky fly traps do work, but I am still being bombarded with new members every day. And also, my arm is tired from swatting the flies with the fly swatter! Help! I purchased the ET Pest Control and I am confident that this is what I was looking for.


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