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Electronic Ladybug Control

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Here are just a few successful testimonies that our customers have had with the ET Pest Repellers.

Ladybug Pest Control Testimonials

Shaun C.
I want to thank D&R for helping me with my ladybug problem. I recently bought a small cottage home and when I moved in, I noticed ladybugs everywhere. I don't mind them, it is just they are everywhere. On my clothes, my windows, on my floor, etc. It is annoying! I bought the ET pest control so I would be able to target them with the adjustments. I placed the unit into my kitchen. The ladybugs seemed to be annoyed because they are slowly leaving my home. Thanks D&R Technologies llc.
My porch was infested with ladybugs. My friends and I couldn't enjoy a tall glass of iced tea without being bothered by these little critters. I am thankful that I didn't have to involve any chemicals or poisons. The ET Pest Control works great. Now my friends and I can enjoy a cool glass of tea in peace. Thanks Evelynn
My name is Angie and I ordered the ET Pest Control for my ladybug problem. It seem to take longer than I expected but after 4 weeks I am so happy with the results A+ on the ET Pest Control.
P.S. They could name it the ET ladybug control if they like:)


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