Helpful Question:
What is Level 1,2,3 and 4 on each MB Electronic Pest Repeller?

Level 1,2,3 and 4 is how we rate the power of the MB Electronic Pest Repeller. The higher the number the more repelling power/farther it will repel.

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Helpful Question: What are the differences regarding all the Mega Bomb Electronic Pest Repellers?

From the
Minimum to the Maximum Mega Bomb Electronic Pest Repellers, you will get more repelling options. As you move up the Stages the MB Electronic Pest Repellers have larger speakers, repel farther and can have more repelling options. 




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Ultrasonic Sound Waves             "level 2"
The Light Mega Bomb Electronic Pest Repeller, just like the Mini Mega Bomb Electronic Pest Repeller, uses Ultrasonic Sounds Waves to repel pests, but the light MB Electronic Pest Repeller has more repelling power with a littlie bigger compressed speaker that repels farther around 2000 sq. ft.
The Light Mega Bomb Electronic Pest Repeller goes to work utilizing ultrasonic sounds from our specially designed Level 2 High Compressed speaker, which in turn demands the insects, rodents and most all house hold pests to leave the area.

Sweep Scanning Technology      "Level 1"
The Light Mega Bomb Electronic Pest Repeller also uses sweep scanning technology that will perform better in rooms around objects in the way of your pest repeller.

Ultra Variable Frequencies         
The Light MB Electronic Pest Repeller uses this type of technology to keep Ultrasonic Sounds within the hearing range of your pest problem.



Light Mega Bomb Electronic Pest Repeller
Total Pest Control

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The Mega Bomb Electronic Pest Repeller is taking pest control to a new and safer level. No Poison Pesticides

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The Light Mega Bomb Electronic Pest Repeller will give you a soft green night light for hallways along with the power of Ultrasonic Sounds and Sweep Scanning Technology for repelling those unwanted pests.
With tons of testimonials supporting the Light MB Electronic Pest Repeller, you can get success  for all those unwanted pests. Just follow our Free Application Guide as becoming pest free is just a couple clicks away.


Mega Bomb Electronic Pest Repeller Successes
Ant problem
Bat problem
Beetle problem
Bee problem
Bed Bug problem
Cockroach problem
Centipede problem
Earwig problem
Fly problem
Flea problem
Ladybug problem
Mosquito problem
Mice problem
Rat problem
Squirrel problem
Spider problem
Scorpion problem
Silverfish problem
Termite problem
Tick problem


Proper Application for the Light Mega Bomb Electronic Pest Repeller.

Getting the proper application of MB Electronic Pest Repeller will extremely help the extermination process.

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