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 Here are just a few successful testimonies that our customers have had with the ET Pest Repellers.

Mice Testimonials

Ann from Seattle I purchased the deal buy ET's and receive one ET free. This worked out great for me as I own a big house and have a lot of rooms to cover.  With all that said I had a very bad Mice problem. It seemed like every time I moved something there would run a little mouse, man was it bad. Over about three weeks I seemed to see less and less. Now I am at my 5 week mark and I haven't seen a single mouse. I am very impressed with the ET pest repellers.       Thanks Ann :)
Arron from salt lake I own two cats and a dog and I did not want to use de-con as a mice kill to get rid of this problem. I placed and order for some ET Pest Controls, and placed them trough out my apartment. My results were great as the mice have left safely and my pets are safe to.
thanks Arron
Mary from Fairfield, CA My drop ceiling seemed to be making noise and after pulling down one of them, a bunch of mice droppings fell on my face. I didn't seem to have a severe problem, so I got two of the ET Pest Controls and placed them as close as I could with a extension flat strip facing toward the ceiling. It seemed to work but then I found that they had moved to my bedroom. After finding that out, I got a couple more ET's for every room in my house and now my mice problem is gone with no more spiders either Thanks Mary. 
Ralph.......Knoxville, TN I had a huge mice problem, They were hanging out in our attic making nests and making all kinds of noises during the night making it hard to fall asleep. Everyday I had to clean up their mess and it was driving me nuts. I have allergies so I didn't want to use any chemicals or sprays. I ordered the ET Pest Control pest repellers and plugged them all in the attic. Wow!! I couldn't believe how irritated they became as they were near the pest repellers. They actually left the area. Thanks for making my mice problem go away as I can now fall sound asleep without a peep squeak.    Ralph   Knoxville, TN


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