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Electronic Silverfish Repeller

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Here are just a few successful testimonies that our customers have had with the ET Pest Repellers.

Silverfish Testimonials

Alex from Maine I live in a basement apartment and I came across this bug that I couldn't identify. I looked it up and it was a silverfish. Being that my apartment has humidity problems, it is said that this is the type of environment they like to live in. I decided to go with the ET pest repeller. I placed it into my living room as this is where I spotted it in the first place. I thoroughly cleaned my apartment and haven't seen any silverfish anywhere. Yippee! Alex
Ryan from Kansas I work the night shift and it seems like everytime I get ready for work I see silverfish crawling around in my home. I don't see them during the day, just at night. I tried pest sprays and am tired of coming home to the nasty smell of poisons. I didn't realize that electronic pest repellers can work. The ET Pest Control is working great!! I haven't seen any silverfish anywhere while I am getting ready for work. Thanks for your great product. Ryan
Joe from Indiana Thanks guys for helping me out with the nasty silverfish problem. Your ET pest repeller did its job. I still have it plugged in to help keep them from coming back. You guys are awesome. Thanks for answering my e-mails promptly. Joe


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