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 Here are just a few successful testimonies that our customers have had with the ET Pest Control.

Pete,  Ashburn I had a severe daddy long leg spider problem in my bathroom. They would hang out on the walls and under the heat register. Ew! I purchased the ET Pest Control and plugged it into my bathroom. The ET Pest Control really worked! Thanks Pete
Roger from Albany I would like to thank D&R for introducing me to the ET pest repeller. We had alot of tiny black spiders in our garage. It has been 2 weeks since we installed the ET spider repeller and it has helped big time. Thanks, Roger
Jacob, Bakersfield I didn't know what to do about my household spider problem and a representative from D&R Technologies LLC helped me to make the right decision. I was very pleased with the ET spider repeller. I could see massive results. Thanks, Jacob
Jerry,  Riverside You guys rock! Your service was fast and helped my spider problem get under control. Thanks again,  Jerry


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