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Electronic Squirrel Repeller

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 Here are just a few successful testimonies that our customers have had with the ET Pest Repellers.

Squirrel Testimonials

Robert,  Minnesota We had squirrels living in our garage. Somehow they made a nest out of my insulation.  I read about the ET pest repeller and thought I would give it a try. I received my order within 3 days. I placed the ET pest repeller in the garage closest to the insulation. And I must say, they are irritated as their nest has been empty. Thanks. Robert
Amiee, from Tennessee Help! My barn is infested with squirrels. They are nesting and tearing up the hay for the horses. I am tired of cleaning up their mess. Thanks to D&R, they helped me pick out the right pest repeller for my squirrel problem and I must say it is nice not having to worry about the squirrels anymore. Thanks again.  Amiee
Scott, Georgia I ordered 2 ET pest repellers from stoppinbugs.com for my squirrel problem in our storage shed. They were tearing up everything in sight. With the ET pest repellers installed, they seem to be irritated as they are leaving the shed. Very satisfied with the  pest repellers. Scott


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