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Here are just a few successful testimonies that our customers have had with the ET Pest Control.

Bat Testimonials

Steve from Canton About a month ago I had a bad bat problem. They were nesting in our attic which made it really hard to sleep at night. I ordered the ET  pest repeller and I must say that I can finally sleep now. The bats are finally leaving. Thanks for your help. Steve
Cory from Kimball I have a small storage shed that was infested with bats. I hate the fact that I had to run and duck just to get my tools. The ET bat repeller worked great. After 3 months I have yet to see a bat anywhere! Thanks for making my life easier. Cory
Richard,  Claymont Thanks D&R Tech. for introducing to me the ET bat repeller. My garage is infested with bats. The pest repeller is working great as the bats are disappearing each day. Thanks  Richard
Doris,   Woodside I didn't think there was any hope for getting rid of bats!! I talked with a representative from D&R Technologies LLC and he told me about the ET Pest Control. The service was fast and my bat problem is improving each day. Thanks for all your awesome help! Doris


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