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Electronic Centipede Repeller

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Here are just a few successful testimonies that our customers have had with the ET Pest Repellers.

Centipede Testimonials

Ralph,  from Maine I had a big problem with house centipedes crawling around in my bathroom and hanging out in my kitchen sink. How disgusting! I did my research on choosing the best pest repeller for these nasty critters and came across the ET pest repeller. I wanted a pest repeller with a night light and thought this was a good decision. I am really pleased with the ET as my centipede infestation has disappeared. Thanks guys. Ralph
Renee,  from Ohio We have a small storage shed that we store our firewood in and we are sick and tired of seeing centipedes crawling out every time we pick up the wood. Some even made it into the house and into the fireplace. We took all the firewood out and cleaned out the shed as best as we could. Well, that didn't help, they were still there. A friend of mine suggested looking on the internet. I took her advice and ordered the ET Pest Control. It is nice to pick up the firewood and not see the centipedes. Thanks for all your help. Renee
Tony,  California I just want to say that your product is awesome. It took care of the house centipedes! Thanks for making my life happier. Later, Tony


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