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 Here are just a few successful testimonies that our customers have had with the ET Pest Control.

Flea Testimonials

Janice,  Kansas My dog Ruthie had fleas a couple days ago and in my living room, I have a white shaggy rug. I was sitting on the rug when I noticed that the fleas left my dog and made their way in my rug!!!! I couldn't believe it. I didn't want Ruthie to get fleas again so my sister took her over to her house. I then took the rug and threw it in the washer machine hoping this would work. I then decided to take serious matters and ordered two ET Pest Controls and placed them into the living room. I must say that I haven't seen any fleas around. Thank you very much.  Janice
Lois from Kentucky About a week ago I purchased the ET Pest Control for my problem with fleas in the house. We have 2 dogs and they spend most of their time outdoors.  I placed the ET pest repeller in the den where both dogs sleep. The flea problem has been repelled and left my home. My dogs are a lot happier. Thanks Lois
Phoenix, AZ Hi I just wanted you to know that your bug repellers really do work on fleas. I had
a really bad flea infestation & thousands of dollars in chemicals would not
eliminate them. I had this problem for over a year & was at my Witt's end. when I
first started using the repellers the first month was pretty unbearable as the fleas
were going nuts. now there are only a very few stragglers & they are almost all
gone. I would be glad to be a reference for your product as they really do work.
Thank you very much Artie Johns.


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