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Electronic Mosquito Repeller

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Here are just a few successful testimonies that our customers have had with the ET Pest Control.

Mosquito Testimonials

Troy, Boise, ID I have a huge mosquito problem in our home. During the day the kids are in and out of the house and the mosquitoes seem to sneak in and get the best of us. Your products really seem to work. Thanks a bunch! Troy
Randy from Juneau My wife and I like to sit on the porch at night but it has been impossible lately as there are so many mosquitoes bothering us. My wife has allergies so I wanted to purchase a repeller that didn't have to do with chemicals, poisons, or sprays. I like the ET Pest Control as we just simply plugged it in and let it do its job. We can now finally enjoy a relaxing time on the porch together. Thanks D&R for making this possible. Randy
Edward, Montana I have 3 dogs that I take camping with me in my RV. The mosquitoes get quite thick at times and I wanted a repeller that wouldn't bother my dogs. I decided to call a representative from stoppinbugs.com. This gentleman really helped me out. His products are pet safe and will help me with my mosquito problem. I was thankful for the fast delivery and must say that the mosquitoes aren't bothering us at all. Thanks stoppinbugs.com for all your great customer service. Edward


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