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Helpful Question:
What is Level/Stage 1,2,3 and 4?

Level 1,2,3 and 4 is a rating of power level on each pest repelling technique.
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Electronic Mice Control

Feeding Baby Birds
It is preferred to keep the box at a temperature of 80ºand 90º F with a
lamp of 40 or 60 -watt bulb. The lamp should be kept in such a manner
that it doesn't disturb the bird.

Electronic Bird Control | Bird Repeller
ET Bird Control 2000 was made to dominate bird control problems. This high demand electronic bird repeller uses Ultrasonic Sounds, PIR bird repelling system, and a repulsive bird repeller strobe light.

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Welcome to DnR Technologies LLC
We are a company that backs our Electronic Pest Control.
We want you to succeed.
That is why we give a sixty day money back guarantee on all purchases of any electronic pest repeller we sell.
This way you get full and proper using time (4-6 weeks)  to repel your pest problem.

Simply click on the pest repeller for more information.

Pest Control


The ET Pest Control has direct repelling abilities. For an example if you want to repel mice you can target all of the HIGH IMPACT POWER to rodent type Pests. If you are targeting spiders then you can set all the HIGH IMPACT POWER to insect type Pests.

With this capability you will be sending a message to your pest problem with much Greater Power and Repelling Demand.
of course there is a Variable Option that uses all the Ultrasonic sounds to repel all types of pests)
Learn more here

ET Electronic Pest Repeller

The ET Pest Control
This Electronic Pest Repeller dominates most all pest problems and is backed by our 60 day Money Back Guarantee.



Electromagnetic High Impact RepellinG
(For deep inner wall repelling)


Twin Scanning Technology
(helps the ET repel with better results)


High Impact Ultrasonic Sounds
(covering 5000 sq. ft. DB Rating of 125) 

Much much more Learn More

Price $49.99 Save big Retail 90.00 Per unit.

                                      Quantity: buy here
Joseph C. from WA
House mice were a problem in my home. I talked with Rob about the ET Pest Control and asked would this cure my problem? He said yes it would and told me to place an ET unit in every room that had the problem. I asked why one ET wouldn't cover my whole house as my house was well below 5000 sq. ft.? He replied and said well the units loose their intensity as the sound passes through the walls. So by adding extra units it is like adding another speaker to your stereo system but much more intense in repelling terms. He also said the more you cover the house there is less chance for the problem moving to another room of the house. This made a lot of sense to me so I bought the Deal he had running buy 3 get 1 free.

Dear D&R
YES!!!! my mice problem is gone.
The first week I saw a lot of mice running around my house so I kind of thought it wasn't working, but from that point into the 2nd and 3rd week the results were awesome for me, I saw less and less of those little critters and now no more mice.  I'm happy with the results!
I hope this testimonial helps ppl.


       Stage Four

pest control made easy


The Twin Mega Bomb electronic pest repeller is our work horse of all the repellers we sell. No night light, No messing around, just High Power Ultrasonic Repelling, High Impact Inner wall Repelling, Sweep Scanning Technology, Duel Twin High Impact Speakers and tons of square footage repelling coverage.

Price 42.99  
Quantity: Buy Here


Stage Three                        

pest control made easy

Get total control of your pest problem today with the Mega Bomb skL.........
Price 35.99  
Quantity: Buy Here
Save big along with D&R's successful proper application. Retail 55.99 Per unit.

           Stage Two


The Light Mega Bomb a powerful Insect/Rodent Repeller. Learn all about the Light Mega Bomb by just clicking on the picture.

2011 Special
BUY 3 Light Mega Bombs Get 2 Mini Mega Bombs Free

Price 29.99  
Quantity: Buy Here
Save big along with D&R's successful proper application. Retail 39.99 Per unit.

Stage One                                   

pest control made easy

Learn all about the Mini Mega Bomb and how this little unit can solve your pest problem.

2011 Special
BUY 4 Mini Mega Bombs Get 2 Mini Mega Bombs Free

Price 19.99  
Quantity: Buy Here
Save big along with D&R's successful proper application. Retail 29.99 Per unit.


The MEGA BOMB Pest Repellers will help you get rid of your pest problem today. Being rewarded everyday with successful testimonials from our truly pleased customers, we ask you to browse our testimonial links on pest control success stories just to the upper right of this page.

The benefits of the Mega Bomb Pest Repeller is that it uses no poisons, no refills of any kind, it just simply plugs in, pennies a day to run and is 100% safe for the environment and most all house hold pets.
The Mega Bomb Pest Repellers have 5 innovated ways of repelling pests for total pest control and it also plays a great roll in keeping the cost low for the consumer, as exterminator and poisonous pesticides can be very expensive. With 24hr protection the MEGA BOMB Pest Repellers will also help keep new pest predators from entering your home.

Great Varity of Electronic Pest Repellers.
Safe for the environment compared to pesticides.

Gives impressive results expressed from our
many testimonials.
Five Powerful Repelling Techniques.
Safe for most all house hold Pets.
not effect any house hold appliances or computers.
Low cost to run about 3 cents a day.
Simply and easy to install you just plug them in.
pest control
60 Day Return Policy on all Mega Bomb Pest Repellers as we want you to get Pest Free or we will refund your money. Click Here for terms.


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Helpful Repelling tips
 Keeping a clean house you will find pests will leave your home a lot sooner than a dirty cluttered one.

  When traveling you can carry pest back to your home. So always check your belongings.

  Most all pest are attracted to food left out. 

  Heat is also another attraction for most pests.

pest control made easy

Mega Bomb Pest Repelling Successes
Ant problem
Bat problem
Beetle problem
Bee problem
Bed Bug problem
Cockroach problem
Centipede problem
Earwig problem
Fly problem
Flea problem
Ladybug problem
Mosquito problem
Mice problem
Rat problem
Squirrel problem
Spider problem
Scorpion problem
Silverfish problem
Termite problem
Tick problem

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